Here we can upload our projects like Maths Aerobics,Sacratch and Energy Conservation

Here we are hosting projects on Environment, Energy Conservation, Math development, Computer Programming with Fun, Water Conservation, Student Management Committees etc for students to start working on as part of Samvedna Projects.

Project 1 -Energy Conservatrion

The world today faces an almost insurmountable Energy Crisis. As our demands on Mother Earth keep increasing more and more fossil fuels are being burnt. Excess release of Carbon Dioxide has lead to Global Warming that threatens our very existence. Encouraging children to conserve energy as one of the ways to 'fight back' is perhaps our best bet today.

Project 2 - Math Aerobics….learning math the fun way!!

Do visit the site and enroll as members to get cracking!

Project 3 - Programming with Scratch…..the world of animation!!

Try your hand at computer animation….with your own storylines!!

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